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Fri Oct 14, 2005 10:50 pm
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Post subject: Issue 9: "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
September 30, 2005

Short version:

In exchange for knowledge from the Chronomancer that Dr. Science wants, the group fakes a terrorist attack on the Ambassador bridge. They also decide to have another group to attempt to blow up the Detroit/Windsor tunnel, intending to tip off the authorities so they'll be distracted from discovering the bridge attack. Trickster has a contact named Iron Sheik put him in touch with a man named Al-Ahsma, who he pays to handle the tunnel attack. Things go better than they planned, since both the bridge and tunnel attacks succeed - in fact, both sets of explosions happen at the same time. The explosions do bad things to the economy. The coincidence of the explosions happening together disturbs the group, so Trickster meets with Al-Ahsma again. His men are neutralized by Lilliana's syphilitic scorpions, and another scorpion gives Al-Ahsma viral meningitis, which, combined with an illusion of Trickster's, causes Al-Ahsma to pass out. He's brought to the van, where Dr. Science attempts to possess him, only to find out there's no one home. Corrupter attempts to restore the man's brain, then Dr. Science announces that Al-Ahsma was being possessed by a demon named Malthus, whom Dr. Science possessed. Al-Ahsma is dumped back in the restaurant and the group returns home. Later Trickster steals the Liberty Bell, but gets nabbed by Apollo 19 when he returns to where he hid it two weeks later. Luckily for him, the group attacks Apollo 19 and is able to free him before he can be incarcerated in the Riker's Island super-villain Vault.

Long version:

Dr. Science wants to learn certain computer skills, and doesn't have time to do it the old fashioned way, so he contacts the Chronomancer via Al. Chronomancer agrees to help him, but in exchange he wants them to fake a terrorist attack - the attack will be real, but he wants it to look like terrorists, not super-villains were responsible. Much debate occurs over what to do. Things like blowing up the Statue of Liberty, etc., are suggested. Polaris points out that terrorists generally hit targets with a higher death count. Eventually, the group decides to attack the Ambassador Bridge during the Freedom Festival. The plan is to use explosives to cause the support cables to snap, then the bridge will collapse. They also decide to use some real people and have them try and blow up the Detroit/Windor tunnel, then tip the authorities off about them. This will provide patsies for the bridge explosion if they're caught.

To find these patsies, Trickster meets with one of his contacts, the Iron Sheik in the United Arab Emerites. They agree that Iron Sheik will put Trickster in contact with some disposable people, in exchange for a favor to be named later. Later, a man named Mohammed Al-Ahsma gets in touch with Trickster. Al-Ahsma does not like the Iron Sheik, saying that he's been corrupted by wealth and power. He agrees to do what Trickster asks, in exchange for Trickster not only funding the operation, but also donating 5 million to their madrasas (terrorist schools).

Some more bickering occurs once the group realizes that the bridge will be packed during the fireworks, since some members (Dr. Science, Trickster) don't want to kill that many people. They finally decide to have Polaris cause a truck to tip over shortly before the explosion, thus blocking some traffic from getting onto the bridge.

Everything goes according to plan. The authorities are tipped about the danger to the tunnel. The bridge explosions happen as scheduled, the cables snap, people scream, cars go into the river, many onlookers film it, including Polaris. Mission accomplished. Then the group learns that the tunnel exploded at exactly the same time. Thousands die. Al-Ahsma and his cohorts get away clean.

The effect of all this on the economy is not good. The country slides from recession to depression. The Canadian economy goes belly-up. Investigations begin into the Department of Homeland Security. The group releases a tape of the tunnel warning to the media. Unfortunately, the police officer who took the call conveniently happens to die in a car accident the same day.

Dr. Science begins studying the information he gained from Chronomancer. He plans to release some of his inventions in an attempt to help the economy. Guess he's feeling a bit guilty. Dr. Deimos' company releases a form of electric battery that makes electrical cars practical. Interestingly, it uses the same power source that Dr. Rossov discovered.

Disturbed by the coincidence of the timing of both explosions (since Al-Ahsma wasn't told the exact time the bridge attack would occur), the group looks into Al-Ahsma. The name, of course, turns out to be an alias. Trickster sets up another meeting with him, through the e-mail address Iron Sheik gave him. They arrange to meet at La Shish. Once there, Lillian unleashes syphilitic scorpions (no, that's not a typo) on Al-Ahsma's men. They are drugged so that they suffer short-term memory loss for a time. A special scorpion stings Al-Ahsma, giving him viral meningitis. Then Trickster makes an illusion of power that only Al-Ahsma sees, and Al-Ahsma passes out. Trickster leaves an illusion that they are still at the table and brings Al-Ahsma invisibly to his van, so Dr. Science can possess and interrogate him. This is when the group learns it takes a *lot* to knock out Jackson Stone. Even more surprising is when Dr. Science possesses Al-Ahsma and finds an empty shell. He's been brainwiped - basically, he's a vegetable. Corrupter attempts to restore his brain. After frothing at the mouth and bleeding from the eyeballs, Al-Ahsma sits up, then begins to scream. Trickster makes the van soundproof. Then Al-Ahsma tears out his eyeballs. Yuck. Dr. Science tells the group that Al-Ahsma was being possessed by a demon named Malthus, whom Dr. Science possessed. He was unable to find out who Malthus was working for, so he banished the demon to another plane. The others are dubious about this whole demon idea. It could just be another super like Dr. Science, after all. The group returns Al-Ahsma to the restaurant, at which point Trickster leaves, then creates an illusion of Al-Ahsma tearing his eyeballs out. The restaurant empties in a hurry.

Dr. Science looks online for information about Malthus and finds various stories about a Goatic demon of that name. He works for Andrus, who, according to legend, knows all that people know, can make a woman fall in lust with a man, etc. He's a Grand Duke of Hell.

Trickster steals the Liberty Bell, then spends two weeks celebrating. When he returns to the warehouse, he's trapped in a golden sphere and dragged along through the air. He tries to communicate with the group, but only a staticy signal gets through. Dr. Science assembles the group and uses their satellite to see what's going on. They see Apollo 19 towing a golden sphere with Trickster inside of it towards the Riker's Island super-villain Vault. The group can reach him before he gets to the Vault by using their usual Lilliana's mech & pod combo, but only if they don't go into orbit first. Which means they're at risk for being traced. The decide to take the risk, although they mitigate it by flying low, etc. During the five minutes it takes to reach New York, they discuss attack plans, and wind up going with the straightforward approach. Basically, once they arrive on the scene, Liliana drops the pod, which Polaris takes control of. Liliana then slams into Apollo 19 and top speed. There's an impressive boom as the two meet...and neither one moves. The shockwave of the impact send large waves crashing into New York City. Well, at least that will keep the heroes busy. Liliana attacks Apollo 19 with guns, energy sword, and finally her cannon. Polaris uses a tugboat to hit Apollo 19 with like a giant fly swatter. She also begins lowering the pod closer to Apollo 19 so that Dr. Science can try to mind control him. Although some of these attacks manage to briefly stun Apollo 19, the sphere around Trickster remains intact. Finally, Liliana uses her cannon on the sphere. The good news is, the sphere is destroyed. The bad news is Trickster is stunned. He plummets towards the water. Lucky for him, he's intangible, but the group doesn't know that, so Polaris grabs him magnetically as Liliana tries to catch him, and he passes through her hands. Polaris wraps the tugboat around Apollo 19, and stops holding it aloft. Amazingly, Apollo 19 manages to stay airborne, and he struggles to free himself. As Polaris lifts Trickster up to the pod, Liliana fires the cannon at Apollo 19, just as he breaks free. He plummets into the water. Polaris dumps a bunch of ships on top of him. Hearing reports that the Justice Legion is now in the area dealing with the waves, the group decides to leave the scene. Back at base, they turn on the TV. The news is full of reports of the attack on Riker's Island by Polaris and her giant robot, which was thwarted by Apollo 19 and the Justice Legion.

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

"Hey, I don't eat souls, I kill people. There's a difference."
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