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A Loose Confederation of Evil Forum Index Game Log Issue 21: "Amish Paradise"
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Fri Jun 23, 2006 5:15 am
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Post subject: Issue 21: "Amish Paradise"
June 9, 2006

Short version:

The group's attempts to interview a mage to join them are made interesting by Dr. 13, a mage who's main ability is apparently his good luck. He's so lucky, in fact, that the next interviewee, Simone LeTrange, has a hell of a time just getting to New York. After several mishaps involving delayed planes, busted cell phones, lack of cabs, etc., along with a bizarre messenger pigeon, Simone finally meets the group a day later than planned. She seems like a great candidate, but there's one catch - she's got an evil twin. Well, sort of...apparently by day she's Simone LeTrange, and by night he's Sin Eater. And each of them wants to destroy the other. Hey, two for the price of one!

So, six months pass, during which the group manages to introduce a virus into Justice Legion mainframe, and Polaris pays ACT to send a bunch of Suicide Squad wannabees to bust her guys (and pretty much everyone else) out of prison in Oklahoma. But the best is yet to come. Trickster manages to follow Patriot as he transports Doc Starling (the JL infirmary doc) to his home in update New York...in Amish Country. Yes, that's right, Patriot's secret identity is Gunter Köhl, an Amish farmer with a wife and 6 or 7 kids. Pay dirt!

Alas, apparently the bad guys aren't allowed to win for very long. While using a nanotech tracer to try and determine where and how the Shadow travels, Trickster gets lured into a trap. What he thought was Shadow's lab/base turns out to contain a giant incandescent tube masquerading as a hallway, and it takes Trickster out like an enormous bug-zapper. Ouch!

Will Trickster's double life as Spectrum be discovered? Will he be rescued by his comrades? Will our villains even notice he's missing? Tune in next time!

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

"Hey, I don't eat souls, I kill people. There's a difference."
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