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A Loose Confederation of Evil Forum Index Game Log Issue 18: "Losing Time"
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Thu Apr 06, 2006 6:21 pm
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Post subject: Issue 18: "Losing Time"
March 17, 2006

Short version:

The Corrupter battles the Atlantean, just for the hell of it. Actually, it's not so much a direct battle as Corrupter destroying buildings, turning people into zombies, etc., to keep the Atlantean too busy to go after him, since his powers turn out to not affect the Atlantean. Ooops. Eventually the Atlantean gets a few hits in and Corrupter runs away. Meanwhile, Dr. Science goes romping through Arsenal's brain, determines his secret identity, along with some nifty research Arsenal has been doing with the Shadow on ways to stop Patriot. EMP, baby. Dr. Science thinks Polaris and Trickster together might be able to power the device Arsenal built. Now if only they actually had the device.

Trickster and Polaris healed, the Severus mirror concealed on a satellite, Arsenal's armor destroyed, along with the hidden transponder on Arsenal's body, and the body stashed away, the group reunites at the base to discuss what to do now. Lay low is popular. After Trickster leaves due to a Justice Legion alert, the others decide to call on the Covenant, since they're owed by them big time, using the crystal ball the Covenant left behind. Naturally, it's a trap, and they find themselves inside of the ball (sans Jackson Stone). Dr. Science and Corrupter combine to make a hole in the barrier, allowing them to escape...into a time sphere. Apparently Al the AI was taking them to the Chronomaster to try to free them. This is bad, since Jackson Stone is likely running around their base on a rampage right now. Before they can continue on (or go back), the Time Corps. shows up. Yes, it's one of those days.

Meanwhile, back at Justice Legion HQ, Trickster arrives to find not only the Justice Legion, but also the Justice Squadron. Worse, Doc Savage is in charge. We're so screwed. The groups lay out everything they've learned about the Confederation, which is more than we'd like, and how they plan to take the group out, starting with Dr. Science and Trickster (they have a sample of his blood). They're also still looking for Arsenal and Dr. Severus' soul. So all around, things are Not Good.

Back to the future, Al tries to evade the time cops, which pops them out 20 years in the future, next to a cruise ship. Old people run screaming. But, wouldn't you know it, Trickster, now retired, is there with his husband. They take older Trickster on board and are attacked by a couple of Messerschmidts as they lift off. Polaris makes short work of them, but their opening fire did some damage, so Al takes them to the island of Vanuatu do make repairs.

Long version:

Coming soon.

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