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Fri Dec 16, 2005 5:59 am
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Post subject: Issue 12: "Honk if You Love Polaris"
December 2, 2005

Short version:

The Liberty Bell is auctioned off for $50 million. Liliana gets a tour of P.S. 238, along with a disguised Trickster. Trickster proposes a scavenger hunt for various villains and heroes, with the prize being a super-hero's secret. How to find a secret? He could go undercover as Spectrum, a minor Boston hero, and try to get into the Justice Legion. To make sure he won't be found out, Dr. Science spends three months figuring out how to backup Trickster's brain to a computer, then another week writing Spectrum's personality over Trickster's. Spectrum then resumes his daily life in Boston. A couple of attacks are faked in Boston, with Polaris controlling a giant robot. In the first one Spectrum saves Bill Gates (but not, alas, his spine). Gates rewards him with a charity donation and a super-hero base in an office building. In the second one, Spectrum rescues Liliana, who kisses him on camera to piss off her brother. She succeeds. He calls her up and yells at her. Six months pass. Polaris finds an island and begins working on buying it with Corrupter's lawyer. Vacationing at a resort with her minions, she gets a box of roses with a note saying, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Then the lights go out and the Shadow starts laughing.

Long version:

The Liberty Bell is auctioned off for $50 million.

Further investigation of P.S. 238 reveals that the science teacher is Spell Syren, a mystic with a wide variety of undetermined powers. Liliana gets a tour of the place after indicating that she's a potential donor. Trickster goes with her, disguised as a body guard. The group's plan to avoid having Trickster use his powers turns out to be wise, as the School's defenses would have picked it up.

Trickster has another scheme to propose. This one involves finding out a secret about a super-hero, then setting up a scavenger hunt, the winner of which will get the secret. The benefit to the group is that the various villains and heroes participating will fight each other to get the prize, whittling them down in number. The group agrees to consider the idea - first, of course, they'll need to actually find a secret about a super-hero. This is when Trickster reveals that he's been posing as a super-hero named Spectrum, trying to get into the Justice Legion. The group thinks this is a capital idea - the only problem is, how to make sure the Justice Legion doesn't figure out who he really is. Corrupter suggests transferring Trickster's memories to another brain, and letting Dr. Science make it so that Trickster thinks he really is Spectrum. Trickster is less than enthusiastic about this idea.

Three months pass while Dr. Science learns how to backup Trickster. During this time, "Spectrum" brings down Punch, a serial killer who dresses like a clown. Bringing Punch down gets Spectrum some attention. Polaris starts using her money to make more money, with Corrupter's help. Her eventual goal is to buy an island.

Once Dr. Science says he's ready, a psionic imprint of Trickster is made into a computer. Then Trickster is heavily sedated for a week while Dr. Science writes Spectrum's background on top of Trickster. He's programmed not remember that he's Trickster until he's gotten into the Justice Legion for a while, or until Dr. Science sets off a deep mental trigger. Then Spectrum is released into the wild in Boston.

Next, the group decides to stage a few battles with Spectrum, to help his rep. They start by staging a kidnapping attempt on Bill Gates by an evil robot, i.e. Polaris controlling a shell of Liliana's creation. Polaris finds a roof top somewhere to control things from. The robot lands in front of Bill Gates' limo and picks it up. There are screams, and the front windshield dissolves as the bodyguard in front starts firing. The bullets ricochet off of the robot and kill innocent bystanders. Ooops. Cars come screeching to a halt in front of the robot. Some honk. The robot stomps on one of them, then smashes the car on another. Spectrum arrives on the scene, and saves a family in an SUV. He then tries to cut off the robot's arm, until the robot moves Gates' car in the way. Ooops. Spectrum jumps on the hood of the car and pulls out the bodyguard. The driver is dead. The robot tries to grab Spectrum, who jumps out of the way. The robot flies towards the harbor, still carrying the car with Gates in it. Spectrum shoots a light flash at it, which seems to affect the robot's sensors - it veers a little off course and clips a building. Ooops. Spectrum manages to save the people on the ground from being crushed by the debris, then rushes to catch the robot, which is now out over the harbor. He encases it in darkness, at which point it begins to descend towards a tugboat. Spectrum shoots one of the boots where the "rockets" are. The robot falls onto the tugboat, capsizing it. Ooops. It also loses its grip on the car, which sinks into the water. Spectrum grabs for it. So does the robot, which is balancing on the tugboat. Spectrum pulls Bill Gates out of the car and flies off. The robot throws the car at him, which he almost dodges but gets clipped on the side of the head. The robot then flies off. Spectrum hits the other "rocket" boot, and it falls into the ocean. Spectrum brings Bill Gates, whose spine appears to be broken, to the hospital. Gates later rewards him with a $50 million donation to the charity of his choice, and a base in the bottom three floors of an office building.

Another attack is staged. This time, the plan is to have a robot try to kidnap Liliana, be rescued by Spectrum, and kiss him in thanks, which will piss her brother off and likely cause him to go after Spectrum. This goes off without a hitch - the robot appears, grabs the car, smashes the ones that honk (you'd think they'd have learned by now), Liliana "falls" out the window when the car is being shaken, dangling until Spectrum flies by and saves her. She kisses him when he drops her off, which is, as planned, captured on camera. Then Spectrum flies back to fight the robot, which eventually explodes, causing much property damage.

Six months pass. Liliana's brother calls her enraged about the photograph of her with Spectrum and tells her she's demeaning herself by associating with him. Liliana basically tells him to fuck off. People do other stuff. Polaris continues her island search.

Corrupter introduces Polaris to his lawyer, Howe, to set up the purchase of the island she's interested in. She takes a vacation with her minions at an exclusive resort to celebrate, and is having a good time, when there is a knock on the door. It's a bellboy with a box with a ribbon around it. She senses no metal in it other than the tie for the roses and some metal in the ink. She opens the door, tips the bellboy, who said they were sent by the man (she was talking to one out on the beach). She tips him, then opens the box. There are a dozen long-stemmed roses inside, and a note. The note is written in silvery ink, and says, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit." Then the lights go out, and she hears the menacing laugh of the Shadow.

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