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Fri Dec 02, 2005 11:32 pm
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Post subject: Issue 11: "She Blinded Me with Dr. Science!"
October 21, 2005

Short version:

Seeking revenge on Manifest Destiny for trying to kill him during the USS Constitution heist, Trickster plans to kidnap his girlfriend, Constance Truart, and force him to choose between saving her or the Liberty Bell, which he plans to steal again. He spies on the girlfriend, and turns up that she used to be Galaxy Girl, a minor '80's hero who could shoot light. Dr. Science also discovers that she now teaches at a secret school for meta-human children. First, the group, sans Trickster, steals the Liberty Bell. Corrupter provides a distraction by turning people into zombies while Polaris steals the Bell and Liliana transports it to a warehouse of Trickster's in Washington, D.C. Then Dr. Science easily possesses the girlfriend. Finally, Trickster fakes nasty videos of the girlfriend being tortured and raped and sends them to Manifest Destiny, along with instructions to come alone to the Washington Monument. The group, sans Trickster, then intercepts the F-15 flying Manifest Destiny from Iraq while Trickster makes sure this isn't noticed at Andrews AFB. Manifest Destiny is knocked out, the plane dumped in the ocean, and the group meets up with Trickster who sneaks them into D.C. At the warehouse, Manifest Destiny is stripped and forced to navigate a maze with an electrified floor, with Constance and the Liberty Bell sinking into acid at the other end and Trickster mocking him all the while. Forced to choose at the end, Manifest Destiny picks the Liberty Bell, only to find that Constance was an illusion. Following the sound of her screams, he finds her tied to a chair. When he looks into her eyes to determine if she's real, she blinds him with her light powers - she's still possessed by Dr. Science. Corrupter then does something to him which causes him to melt. Trickster has no more interest in the Liberty Bell, so Polaris and Dr. Science sell it to the highest bidder.

Long version:

Trickster wants Polaris to help him steal the Liberty Bell again. The rest of the group thinks it's too soon, although Corrupter offers to help. Why does Trickster need the Liberty Bell? It's part of his diabolical plot to torment Manifest Destiny, as revenge for Manifest Destiny's willingness to kill him to stop him from stealing the USS Constitution. He wants to kidnap Manifest Destiny's girlfriend, Constance Truart, and force Destiny to choose between saving her or the Liberty Bell.

Trickster spies on Constance, who lives in Wichita, Kansas, and finds a few interesting things. First, she teaches art at P.S. 238 in the morning, but after that she goes into a closet in the teacher's lounge and enters a secret elevator. There's a very good security system on it, so Trickster can't follow her down. When he tosses her house, he finds a pink costume in her closet that he recognizes as having belonged to Galaxy Girl, a minor super-heroine in the '80s who had light powers. It's pink, with sequins and shoulder pads. Gag me with a spoon!

Corrupter says he can provide a distraction, if they get him into Philadelphia a day in advance. The group likes this idea - Manifest Destiny may have read the Liberty Bell to see when Trickster would try to steal it, but he won't be able to tell what else might be happening to pull people away. Dr. Science also suggests that Trickster not be involved with the Liberty Bell heist at all, which will eliminate the likelihood of Manifest Destiny knowing when the heist will happen. Where will they bring the bell? Trickster suggests New York City. Polaris suggests anywhere else, since they've been rather active there recently. They settle on Washington, DC.

Dr. Science looks into P.S. 238, and finds that there is a school for meta-human children underneath it. There are about 50 students, and 10 teachers, plus specialized gym, music and art teachers, a science teacher who looks like Dr. Positron, and three instructors teaching something unknown.

Everyone except Trickster goes to Philadelphia. Corrupter's distraction turns out to be turning people into zombies. Nice. Velocity arrives on the scene and starts zip-tying affected people, but no other supers show up. It later turns out that the rest of the Justice Legion was on a deep space mission at the time. While everyone is busy dealing with the zombies, Polaris EMPs the Liberty Bell site, lifts up the bell, and brings it to Liliana, who brings it to the warehouse in Washington, DC.

Velocity eventually manages to tie up all the zombies. In the end, there are 150 dead, hundreds more wounded. Amongst the dead are a school bus full of kids who were feasted upon by zombie cops. 500-600 zombies survive. They're all tranquilized and strapped down in hospitals.

Next, the gang goes to Wichita, where Dr. Science easily possesses Constance/Galaxy Girl. As expected, she has a panic-button. They leave it attached to her border collie, Mr. Pickles.

Back at the warehouse, Trickster fakes a bunch of horrible videos of Constance being tortured and raped, then e-mails them to Manifest Destiny using the address in Constance's phone. He tells Manifest Destiny that if he doesn't show up at the Washington Monument by the next day, he'll start lopping off her fingers. He also gives instructions for Manifest Destiny to watch a video at regular intervals, and send a video of him doing this to confirm it.

Using Manifest Destiny's cell phone, the group is able to locate him, over the Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Science hacks into the military's information, to determine there's an F-15 at that location, en route to Andrews AFB from Iraq. It's being refueled in mid-air, very expensive. Apparently Manifest Destiny pulled some strings. Discussion ensues on where and how to ambush him, and once again there is concern that he'll have used his precog to determine when he'll next encounter Trickster, so as with Philadelphia, they decide to attack without Trickster being present. Instead, Trickster sneaks onto Andrews AFB, to keep them from noticing when the plane is attacked. The rest of the group travels via Liliana's mech and pod to intercept the plane, at which point Polaris takes it out with an EMP, her powers preventing it from falling. She knocks Manifest Destiny out by squeezing his helmet (giving him a concussion in the process), then rips off the canopy so Liliana can put him in a pod. What to do with the pilot is briefly of some concern. Liliana initially wants to bring him along too, but the rest of the group thinks this is a bad idea. She reluctantly agrees that he must die, but rather than let him fall screaming to his death in the jet, she decides to give him a mercy killing by breaking his neck...only she flicks her mech's finger a little too forcefully and knocks the man's head clean off. Ooops. Polaris lets the plane go and it plummets with the body into the ocean. Meanwhile, Trickster fakes a distress call from the jet and shows it going down 5 miles from where it actually augured in.

Trickster rejoins the group and sneaks them into DC. At the warehouse, the stage is set. Polaris strips all metal from Manifest Destiny. They argue about whether to drug him so he can't use his precog abilities, but Trickster doesn't want to do that. He's set the floor to be electrified, and figures the shocks should keep Manifest Destiny from being able to concentrate for very long. But he doesn't want to block his powers completely. So Manifest Destiny wakes up naked in a large room. At the far end of the room, raised up on a stage, are the Liberty Bell and Constance (really an illusion of her). Both are suspended over acid. There is a maze between Manifest Destiny and the stage. A spotlight falls on Trickster, who says, "Wakey, wakey!" Then he gives Manifest Destiny a shock from the electrified floor. Manifest Destiny vomits (don't concussions suck?). Trickster explains that Manifest Destiny has to make it through the maze before the Liberty Bell and his girlfriend are dropped in the acid. Then he'll have to choose which one to save. He figures this will be a harder choice than when Manifest Destiny chose to value a piece of wood over Trickster's own life. Manifest Destiny races through the maze, attempting to climb over the walls, only to be thwarted when they grow higher, dodging caltrops and knives with his 5-second precog combat ability, pulling his mother (really an illusion of her) out from under a large weight, etc. He reaches the end as both the Liberty Bell and his girlfriend are nearing the acid. Choose one or the other. He chooses neither and lunges for Trickster...who isn't really there. Ooops. Constance screams as some of the acid touches her toes. Manifest Destiny's precog warns him that the bell touching the acid will release a toxic cloud. So if he chooses to save his girlfriend, they'll both die anyway. With no other choice, he saves the Bell, while his girlfriend screams in agony as she "dies." Meanwhile, in a nearby office, Dr. Science releases enough control to let Constance watch Manifest Destiny let her die.

Trickster drops the illusions, leaving Manifest Destiny alone in an empty room with the Liberty Bell. Dr. Science lets Constance scream. Manifest Destiny races to the office, where he finds Constance tied to a chair - it's really her this time, although her being tied up is an illusion. Dr. Science lets her talk, hoping she'll be upset that Manifest Destiny let her die. Instead she tells him that there's something inside of her. Dr. Science resumes all control before she says any more. "She" asks Manifest Destiny to untie her. He unties her, then asks if she's all right. Yes, but there's something in the air. He asks her to look at him, clearly intending to do a telepathic surface scan to make sure she's real. This is when Dr. Science shoots him right in the eyes with Galaxy Girl's light powers, burning out his retinas. Blind, Manifest Destiny screams and holds him hands up to his face. The rest of the group thinks this was especially clever.

Now the question arises of what to do with Manifest Destiny. Trickster wants to let him go, to suffer. Liliana agrees. Corrupter wants to experiment on him - which will wind up killing him. Polaris is fine with this. Dr. Science could go either way. Hmmm. Polaris points out that if Manifest Destiny lives, he knows Trickster was responsible for what happened. He'll likely not rest until he brings him in...or worse. And he'll continue being a thorn in all of their sides. In short, he's simply too dangerous to let go. This convinces the others, and they let Corrupter have him. Corrupter does something which causes him to start...melting. Yuck. He screams, at least until his lungs melt. Polaris whispers something into his ear. Then there's nothing left but a puddle of goo. Dr. Science asks Corrupter to break him down further, then gathers up the dust that's left. He intends to distribute it over the country - from sea to shining sea. As for the Liberty Bell, Trickster has no interest in it anymore. Dr. Science and Polaris, on the other hand, figure they can sell it. Heck, if Trickster isn't involved, the Fourth Reich might even decide not to shoot the highest bidder. And what should they do with dear Constance? Polaris suggests using her to gain more information about the school.

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

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