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A Loose Confederation of Evil Forum Index Game Log Issue 8: "Come Visit Scenic Slodovia"
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Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:26 am
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Post subject: Issue 8: "Come Visit Scenic Slodovia"
September 9, 2005

Short form:

The group steals a robot from Slodovia so they can infect it with a virus that will enable them to control all the robots in Slodovia. They cover their tracks by pretending to be robbing a train carrying microprocessors. Interestingly, the train actually turns out to have very long, very strong cable, of the sort that could be used to build a space elevator. Later, as part of an effort to find out more about the group that threw a nuke at them, Dr. Science finds a company reseraching zero-point energy lasers, which could be used to access interspace. It's stock is about to split, with a German Giselleschaf as the one to benefit. With the help of the Chronomancer, the Giselleschaf is then traced to an Argentinian Bank with shareholders who all actually died several years ago.

Long form:

Liliana wants to overthrow her brother and take over rulership of Slodovia. Her brother is much loved by the populace because the conditions there are better than they were under the Soviets. He's kept prices the same since then. How? He uses robots to farm, mine, etc., and sells the results to other countries. Mechs guard the borders. Slodovia is an odd place - Stanis makes the populace wear lederhosen and won't let them watch TV. Slodovia is trying to become more of a tourist spot. Polaris suggests that Corrupter could just poison Stanis, then Liliana would take over as his closest relative. The only problem with this is that Liliana wants her brother to suffer. Well, that does complicate things. Much brainstorming occurs. The group decides to introduce a virus into the robots so that the group be able to control them. This will involve capturing one of the "officer" robots, as they are the ones that communications go through. Infect it, it will infect others. The trick is to get the officer robot without Slodovia realizing it. After more brainstorming, the group concocts a plan to fake a robbery attempt on one of the trains importing microprocessors, during which one of the officer/communications robots will be captured and evidence left to make it look like it was destroyed. They'll be disguised as agents of the Fourth Reich. Hey, it worked really well before! Liliana's mech will be made up to look like a panzer. They plan to hit the train when it stops to cross into Slodovia.

Things go mostly according to plan. Dr. Science successfully takes out the robot they want. Polaris takes out various other robots. Liliana attacks the train, which is trying to get away, and derails it, knocking over a passenger car. Corrupter, Polaris and Liliana together manage to take out the mech on the scene, cluminating with Liliana using her energy canon on it. She knocks it back into a mountain, burying it under a landslide. Because the mech's own previous cannon attack blew away some of Liliana's panzer disguise, Polaris crushes the mech to make certain the pilot didn't survive. After dealing with the remaining robots, Liliana warns that reinforcements will be arriving shortly. Corrupter provides the rubble for the "destroyed" robot and the crew leaves, taking one of the train cars with them, since that's what they were pretending to be after. Back at base, they are surprised to discover that the car doesn't contain the listed microprocessors, but instead contains several miles of extremely tough cable. It's so strong that a laser can't cut through it, and Polaris can't pull it apart. She speculates that Slodovia may be planning to build its own space elevator. Dr. Science concurs.

In an effort to find a lead on the group that threatened the Confederation with a nuclear missile, Dr. Science looks for companies doing research in areas that could be used for Interspace. After six hours or so, he comes across a company in Caracas, Venezuela that is doing analysis of zero-point energy lasers, which would be very useful in producing the energy required to open a portal into Interspace. There are a bunch of British and American scientists who have left home to work on this. A week later, the company's stock splits - much like the other company's did right before it collapsed. Polaris suggests finding out who's going to profit from this. Dr. Science traces it as far as a Giselleschaf in Germany. To find out more would require going to Germany, since Giselleschaf's are regarded as private citizens under German law.

The group decides to share what they know with the Chronomancer via Al the AI. He reports back that the company they've found is not important in the future, which is no big surprise since they suspect it's not going to exist for much longer. More useful in the information on the Giselleschaf. It turns out that it is funded by an Argentinian Bank, which is a private corporation. What's interesting is that the listed shareholders all actually died several years ago and the entire bank seems to be a front.

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