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Thu Mar 02, 2006 7:14 am
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Post subject: Issue 14: "Trojan Lawyer"
January 27, 2006

Short version:

The group busts Polaris out of the Vault, along with numerous other prisoners. Highlights include Polaris killing her father, Corrupter setting off a volcano on Riker's Island, Liliana shooting down the CADRE heli-carrier, Trickster killing a man known as the Colonel with his own sword (and nearly dying in the process), Liliana going toe-to-toe with Patriot (and losing), Dr. Science shutting down the the Vault's defenses, Corrupter and Liliana stopping the tidal wave caused by the heli-carrier's crash from destroying New York, and Dr. Science and Polaris destroying the Vault with its own fusion reactor. All in a day's work.

In the aftermath, Dr. Science learns that Dr. Severus went tripping through Polaris' head, learning about her background in an attempt to fix her. So he knows who her teammates are, but not where the base is, and thankfully, not who Spectrum really is. So now Dr. Science knows Polaris' background too. The group also learns from Trickster that the Justice League has it's own internal frictions, as you might expect.

Long version:

Trickster sneaks into the Vault inside of the body of Milton Hill. This works to get him almost all of the way in, past guns emplacements, a huge descent, murder points, a narrow path over a long drop, etc., until they reach the last reception area. He radios the information on what he's seeing back to the others, who are waiting nearby. In the reception area, "Milton" is greeted by the receptionist who tells him to relax, stares at him, then tells him to have a seat. A short time later, another man enters. The receptionist runs through the same routine with him. Trickster gets a bad feeling and moves behind her to see what she's doing. She says, "Colonel, target lock," and suddenly Trickster can't move. Someone's trying to control his mind. He fights them off long enough to make an illusion of the Abomination behind the Colonel. Alarms begin to sound.

Polaris' father tells her that she's been a disappointment since the day she was born. She denies knowing who he is. The alarms begin to sound, which makes Polaris smile. Her father asks her what's going on. She says she has no idea, but she continues smiling.

The guards in the room fire at the Abomination. Their bullets pass through the illusion, but don't appear to harm the Colonel or the woman. Trickster feels the mind shut down his illusion powers, and the woman tells the Colonel, "It's not real." The Colonel draws a sword and attacks Trickster with it. Despite being non-corporeal, it hurts like hell when it goes through him. He hits the woman, who he believes is the one trying to control him, in the head with a paperweight. Her head caves in, then expands back out again, and she seems unaffected. Then the Colonel hits Trickster with his sword again. More agonizing pain. He punches his fist into the woman, then shoots her with his laser. That appears to have more of an effect, and she partially dissipates. The Colonel throws his sword through Trickster, which nearly knocks him out. Fighting for consciousness, he grabs the sword as it comes out of him and attacks the Colonel with it. The Colonel is taken by surprise, and the sword goes right through him. He falls to the ground, dead. Trickster, a numbing feeling spreading rapidly from the sword up his arm, tries to use it to cut a hole in the wall so he can escape, but falls unconscious.

Polaris notices that the guards have all left, and it occurs to her that she's stronger than her father now. She could take him. When her father looks towards the hallway, she attacks, knocking him to his knees and then crushing his larynx. He slowly chokes to death at her feet. She smiles and takes his police badge off of his body.

In the meantime, Liliana in her mech is busy engaging the Vault's defenses, while Corrupter attempts to set off an earthquake on Riker's Island (where the Vault is). Hearing Trickster's call for help, Dr. Science knocks Jackson Stone out and enters the base non-corporeally. He finds it very difficult to pass through the walls, and eventually encounters a wall that he can't penetrate.

Liliana finds herself engaged by the air forces of CADRE. After taking a few hits, she goes into orbit, leaving them all behind. Then she uses her cannon to blow a hole in the CADRE heli-carrer. It lists a bit. It lists some more when she flies into the hole and begins tearing things apart.

Dr. Science deduces that there must be air vents, locates them, and uses them to get deeper into the base. He manages to find the control room, possesses one guy, takes him out, then possesses the second guy and turns off the reactor.

Polaris stands waiting by the door to her cell. When the reactor goes off-line, she feels the power dampening field vanish and uses her powers to rip the door off its hinges. She enters the hall as the door on the next cell flies off. A man emerges with a large glowing ax. Is she planning on getting out of here? Absolutely. They agree that there's safety in numbers and begin making their way out, freeing other prisoners as they go. These include a man with a clear dome for the top of his skull, exposing his brain inside and a nebbish-looking man who turns into a twelve-foot minotaur. The man with the ax goes by Electrocutioner.

Trickster wakes up to find he's bound with two guards looking at him. He is still in incredible pain, but he manages to go non-corporeal and escape.

Liliana hears Corrupter say, "Ooops. Oh shit," over the communicator. Then the sounds of feet running. *boom* She asks him what he did. He tells her to pick him up quickly, since he can't outrun the ash. Apparently he's created a volcano. Ooops, indeed. Liliana is flying to pick him up when Patriot slams into her. A fight ensues, with Corrupter begging Liliana to hurry in the background, but Patriot quickly gets the upper hand. He tells her to surrender. OK. He begins trying to pry her out of the mech. She points out that perhaps he should be dealing with more important issues, like the impending volcanic eruption. Oh yeah, like he's going to fall for that. Then he realizes she's right and takes off.

Polaris, Electrocutioner and co. continue to wreak havoc as they make their way through the Vault. Dr. Science joins them, having released the guy he was possessing in the control room, and guides Polaris to the elevator shaft so they can make their escape.

Liliana picks up Corrupter. The volcano spews ash into the sky. Velocity funnels the ash so that it doesn't rain down on the city. Then Patriot flies inside of it, trying to stop the magma. Liliana sees the CADRE heli-carrier, listing badly, fall into the ocean. This sets off an enormous wall of water. Liliana flies Corrupter over the wave heading for New York City, and he's able to dissipate the wave. This still leaves the wave heading out to sea, of course. They leave the area.

As the various super-villains disperse, Dr. Science and Polaris linger briefly to destroy the Vault. Dr. Science says they can disrupt the magnetic bottle of the fusion reactor, briefly enough to destroy the prison but not long enough for it to vent into the outside. It's not something he can just explain to Polaris how to do, though, so she agrees to let him possesses her and they work together to do this. Once the explosion happens, they take off.

Electrocutioner expresses interest in joining their group, since his old team is gone. Polaris gives him a means of getting in touch with them for the moment. Investigating him, it seems his old team was placed in the N-zone by Patriot.

Polaris finds out where her henchmen are imprisoned and busts them out. They are, as you might expect, rather grateful.

Time passes while the group heals. In addition to Trickster's injuries, it turns out that Dr. Science got a bad dose of radiation poisoning when he went into the Vault. Turns out the walls he was having trouble with had Uranium in them. Fortunately, it's nothing that bed rest and money for the right healing power won't fix.

The news shows footage of Liliana's mech stopping the wave, and Patriot seems to feel that the mech's pilot may not be completely bad. No mention is made of the cause of the wave, and there's no remains from the CADRE ship.

Deimos Innovations partners with Ford to produce an electric car using the special battery that they invented. They also announce the construction of the first public functioning fusion reactor, which will provide infinite energy for the US - there will be a nominal fee at first to cover development costs, after which it will be free. Clearly, this doesn't make the oil industry happy. Looking into it, it seems that Deimos sold his oil stock short right before the announcement. There were one or two others who cannot be traced who did the same, as did the Ford family and Professor Hazard.

Trickster fills the group in on what he's learned since Spectrum became an auxiliary member of the Justice Legion. Apparently there are factions within the Justice Legion. Patriot is not human, and so intimidating that he tends to be more of a loaner than you'd think. However, most people tend to look to him for leadership. The Shadow does not, however, and he has his supporters among those who are not as Meta as the others, like Arsenal and Dr. Severus. Ms. Miracle is the peacemaker between the two factions, and there seems to be some sexual tension between her and Patriot - they clearly had a relationship at one point. When Velocity is nervous, upset or distracted, his form blurs. It has been joked that this means he's in two places at the same time. Dr. Severus hates the Atlantean warrior-mage because he has to work hard to be the mage that he is. Dr. Severus is more skilled, although the Atlantean has more power. Dr. Severus can walk through dreams, stimulate emotional responses in dreams, and can control the landscape to some extent.

Since Polaris believes Dr. Severus may have gone through her mind while she was imprisoned, Dr. Science possesses Polaris to see what he found out. It turns out that he spent most of his time learning about Polaris' background - apparently he was trying to find out what made her the way she is, so he could work her through it. He's a psychologist, after all. So he does know who the rest of her teammates are, but not where the base is, or Trickster's alternate identity as Spectrum. As a result of his scan, Dr. Science now knows Polaris' background, including her history with Freedom Force. He tells her what Dr. Severus learned, and they agree that he has to die.

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

"Hey, I don't eat souls, I kill people. There's a difference."
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