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Thu Oct 20, 2005 4:46 am
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Post subject: Issue 10: "Time in a (Magnetic) Bottle"
October 14, 2005

Short version:

The group looks into whether Deimos might be the unknown foe who launched the nuclear missile at the group to discourage their Interspace research. It looks pretty likely. In an attempt to gain more Science! knowledge, Dr. Science plans to steal an AI from Exxor Oil. Good idea. He decides to research the AI and the oil platform it's housed on online. Bad idea. The AI releases an intelligent virus that takes out the safeties for the base's fusion reactor. Dr. Science brings the uninfected backup system online to replace the infected main, while Polaris contains the fusion reaction magnetically. She nearly dies from the effort and takes three weeks to recover. The group then proceeds to attack the platform housing the AI, and steal the AI. It's installed in a special room back at the base, where Dr. Science discovers some of its components are extra-terrestrial in origin.

Long version:

The "attack" on New York puts Polaris on the FBI's ten most wanted super-villain list. She's delighted by this, and saves all the news reports. She also spends some more time working with her minions. Dr. Science keeps working on the information he got from Chronomancer.

It occurs to Polaris that if Deimos' company has come out with a Russov-type-power-source battery, that maybe he was behind the attempts to discourage the Confederacy from looking into that area. So she begins looking into his background. She learns that he emerged on the scene after WWI, appearing to be in his 20's. He was very flamboyant, building various tech devices, like an auto-gyro, and robbing banks, most likely to fund building his tech devices. He did a few attacks on DC and the like. Then WWII came along, and he worked with the Nazis for a while - apparently he didn't have a problem with fascism. He switched sides part of the way through the war, though, before things turned against the Axis. He later said that he decided to change sides when they gave him a tour of the death camps. He helped the Allies for the rest of the war, but at the end stole some papers of Dr. Mengele, which made him wanted again. He eventually turned himself in to Patriot, after having Patriot promise that he would get a fair trial. He pleaded insanity, claiming that he was bi-polar, but was better now that he'd invented Lithium. This wasn't enough to let him walk, however, especially with the military wanting his head. He was sentenced to 50 years, and was just released in 2004. Interestingly, he only looks 20 years older than when he first came on the scene. He now heads Deimos Innovations, a company he started in the 50's before going to jail.

Dr. Science lends his expertise to the investigation, and finds that Deimos Innovations and their secret companies have made advances that harmed the environment, improved information flow (i.e. the formation of the internet), and caused the arms race, among other things. From the looks of it, they will have a working fusion reactor within the year. They're also working on broadcast energy using theta waves. It's likely Deimos has a social agenda behind all of this.

Looking back at their earlier data with his new found smarts, Dr. Science realizes that the reason the nuclear missile was missing for so long without being noticed is because the person who was supposed to be counting the missiles didn't report it. He's currently in Fort Leavenworth, awaiting trial. Looking at his financial records, he was clearly taking bribes. Dr. Science also finds that Deimos Innovations funded several companies that failed like the company in France. In fact, they failed *exactly* like the company in France. Which happened to be one of the companies Deimos Innovations secretly controlled. Hmmmm.

In an effort to gain even more knowledge, Dr. Science wants to steal Mycroft, a very advanced AI owned by Exxor Oil and kept on an old oil platform out in the North Sea. Dr. Science begins looking online for information on Mycroft and the platform online, when suddenly the power cuts out and alarms begin to go off. The fusion reactor is going out of control. Something's taking the safeties offline, and the magnetic bottle containing it is becoming unstable. Polaris strengthens the field while Dr. Science disconnects the network from the outside world and Liliana suits up in case they need to fly the thing out. In the meantime, she begins evacuating people. Disconnecting from the outside slows down the overload, but the safeties still don't reengage. Apparently there's an intelligent virus in the control system. This is bad. Dr. Science could bring up the backup system, but he'd have to take the main system offline first - which would leave 45 seconds where Polaris would be the only thing keeping the fusion reaction contained. She isn't sure she could manage it for that long. They can shave 15 seconds off that time by having Polaris EMP the main system, so they won't have to wait for it to shut down. Since holding the magnetic bottle together is somewhat draining for Polaris, they opt to do this sooner rather than later. Polaris takes out the main system and finds herself in more pain than she's ever experienced - a migraine the likes of which you can only imagine. That's the first 10 seconds. She screams until she's hoarse. She collapses to her knees. Blood comes out of her nose, eyes and mouth. The rest of the world ceases to exist. 30 seconds pass...and it doesn't stop. Dr. Science has run into a glitch with the backup system. By the time he gets it online, it's been 40 seconds. Polaris collapses as all the pain truly hits her, and barely gets her helmet off before she vomits. She screams silently until the medics get enough morphine into her to allow her to pass out.

It takes Polaris three weeks to get back to full strength. In the interim, Dr. Science redesigns the network so that the fusion reactor's systems are no longer connected to the rest of the base. The group discusses whether to continue with the original plan or destroy the AI. Much as Polaris wants revenge, she admits that the knowledge they could gain is important. So the plan is to go in via the usual orbital Mech and pod insertion. Polaris should be able to locate the AL by sensing the magnetic shielding around it. She'll then pull the room containing it off the platform. The others will keep the platform's defenders busy. Everything goes according to plan, with the only resistance encountered being men in flight suits and hovercraft that Liliana takes out with her energy beam. Upon returning to base, Mycroft is safely installed in the Diogenes room, which is isolated from any other network. He projects a hologram of an older, overweight man when conversing with Dr. Science. One of the interesting things that Dr. Science discovers when examining the technology of the AI is that part of it is extraterrestrial....

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

"Hey, I don't eat souls, I kill people. There's a difference."
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