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Mon Jul 10, 2006 6:29 pm
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Post subject: Issue 22: "They Do It with Mirrors"
June 23, 2006

Short version:

It's rescue Trickster time! Showing what the team can do when they actually cooperate, Dr. Science encounters the Shadow in Trickster's mind, busily erasing all traces of the captured villain. Much to the group's relief, the Shadow's attack on Dr. Science was easily rebuffed, although Dr. Science doesn't stick around to press his luck. In close coordination, Simone teleports Trickster to a magic circle in her lab while Corrupter (flown by Polaris) destroys the warehouse and everything around it. Is this the end of the Shadow? Somehow, I doubt we're that lucky.

But back in Confederation headquarters, all is not well. It seems the Shadow was able to complete is evil work, and Trickster is no more. All that is left is the insipid Spectrum. Has the group saved Trickster only to lose him? Not if the newly-resident necromancer can help it! One magic mirror and some soul conjuration later, Trickster is confronting his goody-goody alter-ego and shoving him back into a corner of his mind where he belongs.

So, what to do now that the Shadow knows Spectrum's true identity? Well, actually, it appears that he's known about it for sometime, but hasn't chosen to warn his comrades. Nice. This all just confirms Polaris' opinion of so-called heroes. Still, there's no guaranteeing that he'll keep his mouth shut forever, so the Shadow must die! OK, we knew that already, but now there's more of a time constraint. So more firepower is clearly needed. Next stop - stealing the Brisingamen, with its death-and-destruction piece of the Gesang. Sweet!

Long version (courtesy of guest log-taker Trickster):

Dr. Science lost radio contact with Trickster and attempted telepathic contact. This revealed Trickster was unconscious. He was dreaming he was a child looking for a lost bike. After some consultation, Simone said she could teleport Trickster to a magical circle in her lab if she had something associated with him. They found several hairs on a brush in Trickster's quarters of the Flatiron Building, and Simone said that would suffice. She began casting the spell.

The Shadow was methodically erasing all that was Trickster when he detected
Dr. Science in Trickster's mind with him. After a brief moment of recognition of who it must be, The Shadow attacked with his mind. The Shadow's assault was easily stifled by Dr. Science, who did his best to hurt Shadow as he retreated precipitously. The Shadow's mental attack had blown up on the pad. Genius tantric mystics do so hate it when they can't perform....

Meanwhile, Polaris took Corrupter and flew high above the warehouse where Trickster was being held. Just as Simone completed the teleportation spell, Corrupter aged everything in the immediate area by a billion years. Nothing remained (though the group is assuming Shadow escaped).

Trickster, meanwhile, lay unconscious in Simone's circle. Once Corrupter and Polaris returned, they woke him up. Unfortunately, he seemed to be "stuck" as Spectrum. Spectrum tried to run, but Corrupter made the floor mushy, trapping Spectrum's feet. Spectrum cut the floor out from underneath himself, but he couldn't fly with the heavy piece of floor surrounding his ankles and he fell to the story below. Dr. Science possessed him to prevent further mishap.

Another telepathic scan by Dr. Science revealed that all parts of Trickster had been wiped away. There was only Ryan "Spectrum" Black.

Undaunted, the group turned to Simone, an accomplished necromancer. Since Trickster was dead, they reasoned, she should be able to conjure up his soul and put it back into Trickster's body. Simone wasn't sure--was Trickster really dead? Or just changed? But she decided to try.

For this, Simone used an enormous magic mirror. Spectrum was bound in another magic circle so his reflection appeared in the mirror's surface. Then Simone cast the spell. Trickster's spirit appeared in the mirror as Spectrum's reflection.

They stared at each other, duplicating one another's movements. Trickster finally created a rope and flung it out of the mirror. The other end snaked around Spectrum's body. Trickster pulled. So did Spectrum. Trickster was yanked out of the mirror, but Spectrum resisted rejoining with him.

"You're not real!" Spectrum cried. He shot a blast of light at Trickster, which only bounced off the mirror.

"True," Trickster said. "I'm pure illusion."

Trickster surrounded the two of them in an illusion of a sandy beach, with both men in ordinary beach clothes. The scene was meant to be calming.

"You need me," Trickster said to him. "I'm part of you and you're part of me. I'm the illusion, you're the reality."

"Never!" Spectrum said, but it was too late. They joined. Spectrum, however, is more mentally separate from Trickster than ever. Trickster can now hear Spectrum's voice in a small corner of his mind.

Afterward, Simone did some research on the sort of power Shadow uses and determined that he probably gained his abilities while studying at a particular monastary in Tibet. It was repeated that the Shadow operates under a philosophy of karma that allows him to kill in order to balance karma and make the world a better place. His intent with Spectrum/Trickster, for example, was to rid the world of a villain and create a hero--one that was, just incidentally, slavishly devoted to the Shadow. Shadow answers to no higher authority than himself.

It also became apparent that the Shadow has known about Spectrum's true identity for quite some time, but he didn't share the information with the Legion.

The group determined that the Shadow has to die, partly to ensure the safety of the group and partly because the Shadow has become something even more evil than the Confederation. In order to accomplish this, however, the Confederation needs more power, and the Brisingamen, with its piece of the Gesang, would provide that. According to legend, the Brisingamen made anyone who wore it irresistible. It also houses the piece of the Gesang which deals with death and destruction, so it's an artifact of near-unimaginable power. The Confederation decided that stealing it from Baron von Morden's castle would be their next project [but since the Baron and his minions are robotic, we'd have to wait for Polaris--and her magnetic powers--to be returned to PC status].

Meanwhile, Trickster assumed his Ryan Black identity and met with Cynthia/Ms. Miracle in a coffee shop in civvies. (Shadow still hadn't revealed Spectrum's true identity to the Legion, as far as the group could tell.) Miracle said she knew Neil was gay, and he told her he hadn't been hiding it. He also asked how important it was for her to get her sword back, and she said she was confident she'd find it eventually. Neil gave her a card with an e-mail address on it to contact him if she wanted help with that. Then he left. As a puzzled Ms. Miracle followed a few moments later, Neil abruptly dashed up, grabbed her on both sides of the head, kissed her hard, and ran off. Ms. Miracle stared, then muttered, "I hate conflicted gay men."

A few minutes later, Trickster dropped an envelope in front of Simone, seated at her worktable.

"What's this?" she asked.

"Twelve hairs from Ms. Miracle's head," Trickster said. "Use them as you like."

I've held a fusion reactor together. What have you done lately?

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