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Fri Jan 27, 2006 6:21 am
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Post subject: Issue 13: "Hurricane Liliana"
December 16, 2005

Short version:

The nine months that passed in the last issue is fleshed out a pit. Dr. Science makes a deal with Mycroft in which Mycroft agrees to cooperate in exchange for his eventual release into an android body that Liliana builds for him. Dr. Science and Liliana also work on the computer virus for Slodovia and improving the groups' satellite network. Polaris spends some time learning how to read computer data with her powers. Spectrum gets more attention through various feats of heroism and gets to attend a Justice Legion brunch.

Back in the present, to no one's surprise, the Shadow captures Polaris. She wakes up in a prison cell, tries to break out, fails. She gets a lame public defender and is accused of all sorts of things, most of which she actually did. Corrupter figures out that Polaris is missing and warns the others. They track her to the Vault, and determine that the Justice Legion has a trap waiting for the rest of them on the island Polaris was going to buy. They sic Liliana's brother on the island instead, by having Liliana fake a distress call to her brother from it. He responds by forming a hurricane around the island and demanding his sister's return over the U.S. airwaves. The Justice Legion destroys his weather control satellite, which leaves the hurricane out of control. It hits Florida. Ooops. On the plus side, for his help, Spectrum finally gets invited to join the Justice League Auxiliary. Once he's in, Dr. Science triggers the return of his Trickster personality. He'll now help the group break into the Vault. And Polaris? After hearing an offer from Dr. Spectrum to give her life in prison instead of execution if she rats out her team's secret base, she's left to have tea with her father.

Long version:

Flashback scene. Dr. Science and Liliana spend much of the nine months that passed in the previous issue working in their labs. Dr. Science has a discussion of goals with Mycroft. Mycroft wants to be free. Dr. Science says that could be eventually arranged, if mutual trust is built. Mycroft also wants an android body built and put in storage as proof that they will let him go. Liliana builds the android body that Mycroft requested. Dr. Science builds a precog module for Mycroft to use. They also work on the virus to introduce into Slodovia, and putting up a satellite network and enhancing it (flight, force field, hyper senses). Polaris spends time starting to learn how to read computer data. She does this by making a backup of Chipster, experiencing a section's memories (via a device by Dr. Science), then reading the section magnetically.

Also during the nine months, Wu Fu Shang and the Black Dragon Tong are smuggling drugs into the country. Then Chen Fat Su is sent to assassinate Spectrum, captures him, and tries to feed him to Chen Fat Su's grove of man-eating trees. But Spectrum escapes at the last minute and sets the trees on fire. He also has a teamup with Ion, who proves useless when it starts to rain. Ion introduces Spectrum to Velocity, who's a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. Together they foil the plans of the Taskmaster, who is training villainous minions to evil ends. Velocity invites Spectrum to a Justice Legion brunch event, at which Spectrum gets to meet everyone except for the Shadow.

Back to where we left our cliffhanger, Polaris tries to lash out against the Shadow, but it feels like nothing is happening. He says he knows all about her, and calls her by her real name. She says he's mistaken, that person died long ago. He comments that she can't change who she is by changing her name. He goes on about the world mistreating her as a child, so now she feels she has the right to mistreat it. She says he doesn't know anything about her. He claims he knows everything about her, how she feels she's suffered. She retorts that she doubts he's ever suffered any kind of hardship in his life. Then he shoots her with a dart, and all goes black.

Polaris wakes up in a plastic cell, lit by green florescent tubes. When she tries to use her powers, she feels a barrier. As she starts to push beyond it, mustard smelling gas is released, knocking her out. She's assigned a public defender with a bad comb-over named Milton Hill, who tells her that she's accused of money laundering, murder, terrorism, etc. She denies responsibility for the tsunami.

Corrupter calls Polaris, and quickly realizes that the person he's talking to isn't her. He tells the others. They investigate, and find that Polaris checked out of her hotel two days early, as did her minions. Further digging reveals that her minions are currently being held in New York on a long list of charges. They figure she's being held in the Vault.

Mycroft predicts that the Justice Legion is laying a trap for the group on the island Polaris was considering buying. There's a 95% chance that Liliana will be captured, a 75% chance that Dr. Science will be captured with a 100% certainty that Jackson Stone will be lost as a resource, and a 60% chance that Corrupter will be captured/40% chance that he will be killed. But if they go to the island, there's an 80% chance that Spectrum will be invited to join the Justice Legion. If he is, there's an 80% chance of Spectrum remaining undetected when he regains his Trickster memories.

After much discussion, the group decides on the following plan. Liliana will fake a distress call to her brother, implying that she's been kidnapped and is being held on the island. He'll probably attack the island. Since he also uses giant robots, it's likely the Justice Legion will think he's the one who was creating the robots for Polaris. At some point, Dr. Science will give the code word to restore Trickster, who should be able to sneak into the Vault where Polaris is being held, sneak in other people, deactivate the power-dampening field around Polaris' cell, get her some metal, etc. The question is, should the attack on the Vault happen during the island assault, or afterwards? Mycroft predicts the odds are the same either way. As for the island assault, there's a 99% chance that the Slodovian forces will be defeated, after a disaster in the Caribbean. The group opts to have the Vault assault take place after the island attack.

So, the message is sent to Liliana's brother. He responds by taking over the U.S. airwaves and announcing that if Liliana is not returned in 48 hours, the hurricane that is now forming in the Carribbean will attack the east coast. He assures any super-heroes listening that he can stop and dissipate the hurricane once his sister is safe. Since the hurricane formed over the island, the Justice Legion goes there to look for Liliana, but there's nothing there but the remains of an old communist super-villain. The Justice Legion, accompanied by Spectrum, eventually finds Slodovia's weather control satellite, takes their pogo ship up to it, fights the defense robots, etc. Finally, Patriot pushes the satellite into the sun when they can't figure out how to shut it down. Unfortunately, this leaves the hurricane to spin out of control into Florida.

For his heroic actions, Spectrum is invited to join the Justice Legion Auxiliary. This gives him access codes to the base, and a trouble alert belt. When Spectrum heads back to Boston, Dr. Science triggers him. All his Trickster memories come rushing back.

Trickster sends word to Milton Hill, Polaris' public defender, saying that Polaris needs to talk to him.

Polaris gets a visit from Dr. Severus, who creates a table for tea, then offers her a deal. If she tells them where her compatriots' secret base is, they won't execute her. Instead they'll give her life in prison in a place somewhat better than this. He also offers to tell her how they caught her. Polaris laughs and says she'll need to think about it. He says he'll leave her with a visitor to help her consider. He leaves, and her father walks in.

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