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Sat Oct 15, 2005 4:43 am
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Post subject: Issues 1-5
Issue 1: "Origin" or "A Loose Confederation of Evil" (June 3, 2005)

The group decides to work together for mutual benefit. They establish a secret base in the mountains of Montana, carved out by Corrupter, with Polaris disposing of the landfill.

Issue 2: "Dr. Russov, I Presume?" (June 17, 2005)

The group discusses what villainy to engage in. Liliana tells the group of a scientist in the Ukraine (or was it Russia) who is rumored to have discovered a new and powerful energy source. His name is Dr. Russov. Interestingly, about six months ago, he dropped out of sight, and has only published one paper since. His wife, who worked with him, has also disappeared. They were working on access to another dimension called "Interspace." Corrupter, Polaris and Liliana go to investigate. Liliana distracts the local military with her mech while Corruper digs a tunnel to a series of access tunnels from the base. They follow the access tunnels to a large metal door that's outside of where they believe Russov's lab is. Polaris rips the door off to reveal a gruesome sight. Stacks of bones, boxes, etc. litter the room, and there's a strange glowing portal. As they step into the room, they notice that all the access points appear to be sealed from the outside. Uh oh. Then a voice speaks from the darkness. "Welcome to my home."

Issue 3: "From Russov with Love" (July 1, 2005)

Polaris says, "Dr. Russov, I presume?" Yep, it's him, or rather a hideously deformed version of him with his wife's body merged in. Lovely. Discussion reveals his current state is the result of opening the portal. They also realize that he's draining the energty out of them. He and Corrupter work out a deal. He'll give Corrupter all of his research, in exchange for getting him out of Russia. They leave, with Polaris moving some distance ahead of Russov, to get out of range of his draining effect. When they emerge, Liliana's mech is still in battle. Polaris grabs a mech magnetically and pulls it down towards Russov. It's engine's go out. Russov quickly begins draining the energy out of the other planes, and growing. And growing. The range of his affect is increasing too. That's a problem. The group moves off a bit, and watch as the Justice Legion show up to fight him. They film as Velocity runs up to Russov and is stopped cold. Heh. Unfortunately, Patriot, although slowed by Russov, is not stopped by him, and he tosses Russov out into space. Polaris manages to close the portal, then the group returns to base and sells the video of the fight on eBay to one of Velocity's enemies.

Issue 4: "The French Connection" (July 15, 2005)

While looking for more information on Russov, the group uncovers a French company doing research into an area that could be used for accessing Interspace. Several scientists on the project have died recently. They send an undercover operative, Snake Charmer, in to check things out. She gets made, a car chase ensues, Corrupter and Polaris are sent in to intercept the pursuing car. Polaris stops it cold, which kills one of the men inside. The other one is badly injured but still alive.

Back at base, the prisoner is interrogated. Sadly, Corrupter chooses to experiment on the man before they have the information they want. He winds up killing him with an overdose of adrenaline.

Issue 5: "Eye in the Sky" or "Nuke Me Gently" (August 5, 2005)

Some bickering occurs over Corrupter's early elimination of the prisoner. Corrupter tries to bring him back to life. When the body suddenly sits up, Polaris slams it into a wall. The zombie doesn't have anything useful to say. The French company goes under, so it's a dead end. The group looks into how the pursuers were able to keep following Snake Charmer. They decide there must have been a satellite tracking her, so they look into this. They find a likely candidate, and Liliana flies up to check it out. When she gets too close, it attacks her. At the end of the fight, the satellite is brought down.

Soon after, the group is contacted by the Chronomancer, the self-styled "Lord of Time" who claims he's from the 23rd century and here to save the world from future problems. He's opposed by a group called the Time Cops. They don't talk with him directly - instead he sends an android named Al to relay his messages. The satellite is his. He admits he knows of the group behind the company, but he's been unable to track down their satellite system either. While they are talking with Al near the base, Liliana detects an incoming nuclear missle. Polaris manages to deflect it to a nearby town instead while Liliana's mech, and Polaris magnetic shield, protect them from the blast. When they return to base, they determine that the missile was aimed at them, not the base. Likely a message from the unknown group who's looking into Interspace.

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